GF Grizzly Feeder

Detailed introduction

GF Grizzly Feeder

Characteristics of GF Grizzly Feeder
1. The whole machine is of high rigidity, which can bear the impact of large rocks; 
2. The screen surface of grizzly bar is of double or triple steps in the shape of Ladder; 
3. The space of the grizzly bars can be adjustable to raise the feeding and screening performance; 
4. It is generally installed before the primary jaw crushers for feeding and sizing the raw material; 
5. It is also widely installed on portable or mobile crushing unit. 

Application of GF Grizzly feeder 
As a necessary equipment of crushing and screening production line, it is usually applied to feed evenly to Jaw Crusher and remove the clay-like impurities to promote the primary crushing efficiency. 

Technical Parameters of GF Grizzly feeder